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Everyone always needs cards and often they are a great way to try out a new craft technique for little expense! Click here for some cardmaking inspiration.


Click here if you'd like to create a unique gift to go with your handmade card or if you just  aren't into card making & fancy a little bit more of a challenge.


Project Sheets


You will find that all the project sheets are graded (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) so, if you are a little uncertain, it would be wise to start with an easy project and progress onto a harder one as you gain in confidence. I try to make all the projects as easy to follow as possible and it is worth noting that Intermediate or Advanced projects may be listed as such, not because they are technically more difficult, but because some of the craft techniques involved are not described in detail as they can be found in other project sheets.


SO:0019 Fircone Wreath Fircone Candleholder CO0021 A Wight Christmas

The Projects4Crafters YouTube channel was launched last year. As yet there's only one video on it but more will be coming soon, so watch this space...


There are Information Sheets available to download with basic instructions alongside hints and tips on a variety of topics. Projects4Crafters have started producing mini eBooks available for free at If you're stuck for inspiration with your crafting projects then check out the Gallery, you never know you may just find something there that sparks your imagination and sets you off on your journey of exploration!



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