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Efco Product Focus

 Efcolor Low Temperature Enamelling


This fabulous product means anyone can enamel! You don't need a kiln or any expensive equipment like that as the powders can be 'fired' in an ordinary domestic oven. However, for the serious crafter, the Efcolor tealight stove is a must as it means you can enamel just about anywhere, anytime without the hassle of traipsing to and from your kitchen oven.


The Efcolor enamelling range makes the perfect addition to any crafter's equipment stash. The extensive range of copper blanks makes it ideal for jewellery makers looking for something new whilst the new collage range of blanks makes creating unique and innovative embellishments for card makers and scrapbookers a breeze. The fact that you don't need a kiln means that younger crafters can enjoy designing delightful enamelled pieces too!


The tealight oven uses 3 tealights (not to be confused with night lights which don't produce as much heat) and is light and portable. It does get hot when in use so place on a heat resistant surface.


Efco Jewellery Sets contain everything you need to create some exciting pieces from pendants to keyrings to charm bracelets. They make ideal presents as all you need is access to an ordinary domestic oven to be able to complete the projects. These Jewellery Sets are also a perfect introduction to the wonderful world of enamelling!

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